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2013 Leaf A/C and (un)lock not working

I have set up my new OVMS and had some troubleshooting going on already until I found a solution with the CAN writes setting needing to be set to 1. I then received all the data from the car. It shows me Door open/closed, un/locked, pressures and voltages. But when I try to lock/unlock the door remotely, while the app states "Un/Lock Car => OK" it doesn't actually do anything. Furthermore, when I try to turn on the A/C I get a positive message, however I noticed that when I stand next to the car, it will “click” under the hood but nothing else happens. I feel like the first time I tested it, it worked. I am not sure how else to trouble shoot since everything else seems to send the correct information? Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. 

OK - I have a 2015 and my A/C

OK - I have a 2015 and my A/C remote works, not the lock/unlock even if the feedback from the application is like yours ==OK- So, I can only try to help you with the A/C-  In order for the A/C to start remotely you need to turn off the car with A/C on. - (I think this is somewhere in the instructions). - So I would assume that if you turn off the car while the AC is off .. you can't start it remotely. -  I also seem to remember that in the instructions (for lock/unlock remotely) you need to "wake up" the car first. I tried that but it still didn't work. Like you said, when I try to lock/unlock and I'm near the car, I can hear clickety clicks .. but nothing happens. Funny thing though the app on the phone reports the correct status (locked/unlocked). -

Same issue on 2015 Leaf US with answers

I just purchased OVMS and installed on my 2015 Nissan Leaf (US version).  Following all the instructions for installations (including disabling TCU), I'm slightly dissappointed by what the hardware actually delivers.  Turns out the lock/unlock function does NOT work on 2015 Nissan Leaf (at least at this time).  I found the answer in the OVMS bug tracker here:
Turns out the lock/unlock function only works on very limited Leaf years (30kWh LEAF, 2018 LEAF).  It sounds like if it didn't work with the NissanConnet (Nissan CarWings) software, it won't work on OVMS.
I'm also disappointed that to documentation refers to AC fan speeds and temps, but you can't adjust any of those from the OVMS app.  All you get is IF you leave the heat or AC on BEFORE you shut off the car, you can turn that back on with whatever temp you had it previously set to before you shut it off.  You can't adjust the fan speeds or the temp from the OVMS app (at least not at this time).  I had that on my IC car (it's called remote start).  The clicking noise you hear is the AUTO AC turning on, but if you have your fan turned down to low, it really wont help much and may also seem like it's not working.
It does have 12v battery monitor I haven't tapped into yet, and you can set charging limits which I haven't worked with yet either, but everything else you can get with LeafSpy.  Not sure at this point if the cost for OVMS was worth it.
As far as this forum, it feels more like a place to commiserate on our OVMS purchase more than a technical fix forum.  Doesn't look like there are a ton of nerdy developers who owns Leaf vehicles, or who would be willing to fix the OVMS shortcomings for nissan leafs, or at least updating the documentation.

Just posting this to help those of you considering purchasing this device based soley on the functions supposedly available in the documentation.

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