Nikki owned a Renault Twizy, into which she installed OVMS.

( She has extensively documented the OVMS kit and how to install it in a Twizy on behalf of Zero Carbon World, so go and read this article if you’re curious on how to do it yourself - )

While she enjoyed being able to check on her Twizy’s state of charge and location using the OVMS iPhone app (and find local charging stations in range thanks to beta-testing the next-gen OVMS app with open charge map integration), the OVMS system offers so much more with a little extra work.

When set up correctly, the OVMS server keeps a log of the car’s movements for the past 24 hours, including GPS logs, battery health reports, and usage stats.

With the correct perl modules running on your computer, you can connect to the sever using a client perl script and retrieve these logs. From there, you can look deep into your car’s health, your trip status, and even plot the route on a map.

See Nikki's article for the full details on what is possible: