Thanks for joining the revolution

Thank you for joining the electric vehicle revolution. These vehicles are cleaner for the environment, have improved performance, and are simply better than their petrol/diesel equivalents. Your contribution to this revolution is appreciated.

The Open Vehicles project was founded to form a community to bring open source telemetry to electric vehicles. To allow you to monitor and control your charging sessions, state of the vehicle, and enhance your ownership experience. We hope you like it.

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Vehicle Module

The OVMS vehicle module is a small and inexpensive hardware module that connects to the vehicle OBD2 or DIAGNOSTICS port. The standard kit includes a 4G modem to provide GSM connectivity and GPS. The kits have been ROHS, FCC and CE certified.


The OVMS servers help apps communicate to cars, and provide for notifications. We currently run two public servers free to use, or you can use your own. You'll create an account on the server you want to use and register an open vehicle.


The module provides a built-in Web App user interface and remote control via native cellphone Apps available for Android and iOS. It integrates into home/process automation systems via MQTT and provides data logging to SD card and to a server.

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