We are pleased to say that the first batch of OVMS hardware kits for developers is now available.

The development kits consists of:
- Version 1 OVMS controller board and expansion ports;
- Quad-band SIM900 modem board, customized for piggy back connectivity with the OVMS controller board;
- GSM car antenna with an approximately 4 feet long connection cord;
- Plastic case with customized support legs for secure installation of both OVMS and GSM boards; and
- Connection cable with diagnostic port connector for the Tesla Roadster.

Required tools (not included in the kit):
- A flash programmer that's compatible with the Microchip PIC18F2680 (we recommend PICKIT3, while PICKIT2 should work as well);
- Microchip Mplab or Mplab-X IDE (free download from Microchip).

We've managed to meet our $99+shipping price target, and you can order online (with payment via paypal) at this site.

Please note:
- Initially, we are releasing this to developers who can program the devices themselves, and who know what they are doing (and the damage that can be caused if things go wrong).
- You will need a Microchip PICKIT2 or PICKIT 3 (not included), and know how to program PIC firmware via the ICP pins on the board.
- We need a few weeks (hopefully not months) for people to find and fix bugs and ensure everything is stable, before we release a firmware suitable for end-users. We'll let you know when that happens.