The Server IP address for has been changed, and the OVMS module ServerIP setting in your car needs to be changed to match.

We are also taking this opportunity to switch to using DNS names, rather than IP addresses.

We now recommend that you set parameter #4 (SERVERIP) on your cars to:

We also recommend that you change the corresponding OVMS server in your Android and iOS Apps to the same:

Going forward, we will be exclusively using that new DNS name for vehicle and App services. By using DNS names, you will not have to worry about future changes to IP addresses we use.

The new server IP is (the old was

If your OVMS module is currently connected to the server, we’ll do this change automatically for you, and there is nothing further you need to do. However, if your car is currently offline, then you may have to manually change this yourself (as we can’t change it remotely for offline cars).

Note that in approximately 24 hours time, the old server IP will be shutdown and no longer available, so we recommend you do this before that time.