Today, we are pleased to release v3.1.005. Over 100 bug fixes and enhancements have gone into this release since v3.1.004, and a summary of the major changes is here:

Firmware: 3.1.005  (build idf v3.1-dev-454-gdaef4b5c May  1 2018 21:38:50)

OTA release providing minor improvements and fixes.

- Vehicle: 12V battery monitoring
    vehicle [12v.alert] = 1.6       Voltage drop alert threshold in V vs. reference
- OTA: automatic daily firmware updates (wifi only)
    auto [ota] = yes                Enable/disable
    ota [auto.hour] = 2             Hour for daily check
- Logging: persistent configuration, file cycling, web config UI:
    log [file.enable] = no          Enable/disable file logging
    log [file.maxsize] = 1024       Max log file size in kB, 0 = no cycling
    log [file.path] = ""            Log path, if on /sd watches sd.mounted
    log [level]                     Default level
    log [level.]               Component levels
- Reverse Engineering Tools enhancements
- Tesla Roadster CAC support
- Miscellaneous bug fixes and enhancements

For full detail on all changes, check the GitHub revision history.

The v3 modules can be updated over the air (wifi), via SD CARD, or over USB - all without requiring special hardware programmers like the PICKIT used for v2. The simplest way to update the module firmware is to connect it as a client to your wifi network (or phone hotspot), and then use the web interface Config / Firmware / Flash-from-Web; that will show you the version you are running, as well as the latest version available for update. One click on 'Flash now' and the update will be downloaded and installed. Alternatively, you can download the firmware update to a file named ovms3.bin in the root directory of a FAT formatted SD CARD and insert the card into the module's slot - the new firmware will be updated automatically and the file renamed ovms3.done to signify completion.

This firmware 3.1.005 release also includes a new feature to check for and automatically update to newly available firmware, every night (so long as the vehicle is connected to WiFi). After updating to 3.1.005, you can enable this for future firmware releases with 'config ota auto yes'.

Thank you for your support of the project.
Open Vehicles

SOLVED: Firmware Update not appearing in "Flash from Web"

If you don't see an available Firmware for Update, you should "Reboot" the module---the available update will appear (it may be the same version you are currently running).
I'm running Firmware v.3.1.004 and tried to use the web interface to attempt to update to v.3.1.005 and on the web interface the "available:" option on the Firmware Update is -blank-, no Firmware update is available for "Flash from Web".

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