Firmware version 3.2.015 has been released to all users. This includes the following main changes:

2020-09-02 MWJ  3.2.015  OTA release
- Notify: add explicit channel exclusion config syntax
    config set notify <subtype> <…>
    <…> options are now:
     a) explicit inclusion: e.g. 'ovmsv2,ovmsv3' (only enable these)
     b) explicit exclusion: e.g. '*,-ovmsv2,-ovmsv3' (only disable these)
     '-' to disable all, empty/'*' to enable all
- Renault Twizy: add eDriver/Virtual BMS data to RT-BAT-C & RT-BAT-P logs
- Nissan Leaf: fixes for issues related to using EV CAN bus (was CAR CAN prior to 3.2.014)
- Wifi client: support static IP configuration, manually set or automatically applied by SSID
  New commands:
    wifi ip static [<ip> <subnet> <gateway>]
    wifi ip dhcp
  New configs:
    wifi.ssid "<ssid>.ovms.staticip" "<ip>,<subnet>,<gateway>"

Thank you to all the developers involved in this.

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