We're delighted to announce that the production end-user release of the OVMS system for 2.x Tesla Roadsters is now available and has been formally launched on March 2nd 2012.

Please note that we do not currently support v1.x Tesla Roadsters. The system _should_ be compatible with v1.x cars, but we haven't verified this at all. If you have a v1.x car, would like this system, and are willing to help, please let us know and we'll see if we can arrange a nearby developer to work with you. But, for the moment, we are recommending this only for 2.x cars.

Requirements are listed here.

  • A 2.x Roadster (VDS in the centre console, and a DIAG port in the passenger footwell)
  • A GSM SIM card, with either SMS or GPRS Data plan
  • SMS control from any SMS-compatible smartphone
  • App control from iPhone/iPodTouch/iPad running at least v5.0 iOS software
  • App control from modern Android smartphones and tablets

A rough feature list is:

  • The OVMS car module goes into Tesla Roadsters, plugs into the DIAG port for power and car interface, and comes with a small adhesive external antenna for GSM reception.
  • The modules come pre-programmed with the latest (v1.2) firmware.
  • The end-user will need to add a GSM SIM card. If you only want SMS control, an SMS-only plan is ok, otherwise for data you will need 1MB-2MB a month for normal usage.
  • SMS control is available to examine car status, GPS location, and to configure parameters and features.
  • Apps are available for Android (in the Android marketplace) and iPhone/iPodTouch/iPad (in the Apple App Store). For Apple, iOS v5 software (or later) is required.
  • Notification of charge interruption and other ancillary messages is available via SMS and/or Android/Apple PUSH notification.
  • An emergency alert system is included to repeatedly alert (via SMS and Android/Apple PUSH notifications) should the car be off and the battery SOC fall below 4%.
  • The Apps provide access to car battery status (battery SOC, estimated range, ideal range, and parking meter).
  • The Apps provide access to car environment status (door status, lock status, ambient temperature, PEM temperature, Motor temperature, Battery temperature) and TPMS pressures and temperatures. Some of this data is only available when the car is turned on, or running (e.g.; TPMS).
  • The Apps provide access to car location (shown on a Google map, using the on-board GPS of the car).
  • An optional stream mode will provide location streaming to connected apps (with corresponding increase in data usage), otherwise status and location data is provided once every ten minutes (normal) or every minute (when one or more Apps are connected to the car).
  • A "Friends" mode is a new feature already supported by the car firmware, and is coming soon as a "Friends" tab in the Apps. The car is set to send location, speed and battery SOC updates to a named friends group, and everyone with access to that group can see all the cars on one map screen. Great for multi-car families, events and meet-ups.
  • Controls are available within the Apps to Start charging, Stop charging, set charge mode (standard, storage, range, performance), Lock the car, Unlock the car, Activate valet mode, Deactivate valet mode, Reset the car module, and provide for setting parameters and features. (* required read-write mode enabled). Note that for non-US cars, the lock/unlock cannot affect the immobiliser, so is of limited functionality.

A user guide for the system is available for download and that describes both the functionality and installation process in the car. You can also download (for free) the Open Vehicle Apps from either the Apple iTunes App Store or Android Marketplace.

To order the system, you will need a paypal account (or credit card acceptable to paypal without requiring an account). The hardware module you need is this one and costs US$99 plus shipping. You will need to create an account on the Open Vehicle Systems website, add the product to your shopping cart and checkout with Paypal.

Please note that this is a non-profit, charitable project, with free open-source software and community support. We think the price (US$99) is incredible, and only just covers the cost of the hardware. If you agree you are getting a great deal then please contribute the difference to your favorite charity


How do I buy? when I follow the link, i says access denied?

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