Short story:

So long as your vehicle is online and connected, you don't need to do anything. But please expect a short outage of OVMS services around 13:00GMT on 9th September 2014.

Long story:

For the past few years, TMC (Tesla Motors Club) have kindly sponsored OVMS use of a server hosted in the USA. They have recently moved this server to a new address, which means that we must also migrate OVMS users over to the new address.

The old address is and the new address is

This address is used in two main places:

  1. In the Apps (via DNS name '' which resolves to
  2. In the cars (via parameter #4 PARAM_SERVERIP, expressed directly as the IP address

On 9th September 2014, around 13:00GMT, the OVMS team will make the following changes:

  • The new TMC OVMS server will be brought up running live.
  • The DNS record for will be changed to
  • The old TMC OVMS server code will refuse app connections and start redirecting vehicles connecting to it to instead go to It will do this by sending a configuration command to the vehicle module to change parameter #4 to, and then disconnect the link.

After the switch, we plan to leave the old TMC server up for 24 hours to allow time for stragglers to connect in. After that time, vehicle modules will not be redirected and will have to change their server IP address via SMS reconfiguration.

We do expect some service unavailability during this switch time. In particular, the DNS record for has a 4 hour TTL (that we cannot easily change), so DNS caching may impact your service availability. We have created a temporary DNS record ( that you can use in your Apps if you want to minimise disruption. Alternatively, just don't use OVMS apps in the four hours leading up to 13:00GMT.


As a final note, we would like to thank the TMC community for their past and continued support of the OVMS project.

Open Vehicles

SMS text for switching IP

How the SMS text should be?



#4 PARAM_54.243.136.230

TMC servers not available this weekend

dear all, the TMC server seems down since the last 2 days. is this normal ?

this article is outdated. IP has changed again. resolves to
and on other webpage I found that:
"The new server IP is (the old was"

I'm confused.

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