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OVMS not for PC ?

May be a stupid question: Has the OVMS-Server also a normal webpage, or is it usable only with an App ?

Thank You!

Can i get the Parameters (SOC

Can i get the Parameters (SOC, time for charging,...) via http from the server ?

Solution: Use OVMS with PC

Here is a (german) instruction to use OVMS on a PC:
It is using an online Android emulator "Manymo" for free.
(No need to install anything on your PC)


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A HTTP API has been available

A HTTP API has been available for some time, see developer mailing list archive for details.

A basic and very raw web page to call the API is available at:


simpleclient.htm not available anymore?

I know this is a very old discussion thread...

The link indicated above by Dexter does not seem to work anymore.

Am looking at a simple way to monitor charging on my leaf via my desktop pc (so I can unplug at 80%). A browser window open in a corner of my screen would be easier for me than periodically remembering to unlock my phone and look in an app.

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Running the android app in an

Running the android app in an emulator is the only way I know of at the moment.

The v3 protocol (still under development) is pure MQTT. With that, there are plenty of options for desktop/browser displays.

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