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M2M SIM card

This seems like good SIM card to use for the car module. It might be worth to have a look at:


For a lot of countries it is below 1USD per MB. And there aren't any additional roaming costs.

I'll try to get one and test it.

Dutch M2M cards

For dutch users, I'm using this one: http://www.maxitel.nl/machine-2-machine-m2m.html

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Swiss SIM Cards
national SIM cards

The problem with 'national' SIM cards is that you have to watch for roaming costs when driving in foreign countries. I think this could be an advantage for a dedicated M2M SIM card.

jack west
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Good US option:
I'm using a Go Phone account from AT&T. You can get just the SIM card from an AT&T store and buy 200 text for $4.99 and 10M data for $4.99 also. Refill online. At $10 US//month, I haven't seen a better local option. Use WAP.CINGULAR (all caps) for the APN

How did you pick your plan on

How did you pick your plan on the AT&T website? I'm trying to add the Go Phone plan but keep seeing more expensive plans. Thanks.


Online they said " At this time, we do not offer a SIM card and data only plan." I guess I'll go to the AT&T store as you said.

jack west
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The AT&T website is not very good. Just go to the store and tell them you want a SIM card for a data logging device and that you want SMS and data and don't need voice. Their Go Phone account allows you to do this and to buy a package of text messages ($4.99/200 text) and the minimum data plan of 10 meg ($5.00). You will have to refill monthly as it all expires after 30 days whether you use it or not. You will need the SMS to set things up initially and i find it handy to check charging status by text sometimes but 200 texts is plenty. If you dont use the SMS you can just let it expire after the first month. Good luck!

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AT&T GoPhone


So, for data only (10MB) this is US$5.00 a month? Sound like a good deal.

If you have another SIM lying around, that you can borrow for a couple of SMS messages, you can also use that for initial setup - saving US$4.99 ;-) The SIM you use for setup doesn't have to be the same one as used for GPRS later.

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AT&T Go Phone

I don't know why you wouldn't be able to get the data pkg only and save the SMS charge. Of course if you get any text msgs they will be billed at something like .10 each. I think they are counting on the typical user using voice and paying by the minute. Either way it's still very reasonable.


Got it set up and activated. Is the IMEI number on the board itself or is that automatically detected by the SIM card and transmitted to AT&T?
Also, I tried to do auto-refill with my credit card but they only refill in $15 increments that expire in 30 days. Is that what you're doing or were you just planning on logging in once a month to refill it. Thanks.


jack west
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Like I said, the AT&T website is not very good. I have been logging in and refilling manually each month. It seems like there should be a better way but I haven't discovered it. Just put the SIM card in the OVMS and get it plugged into the car. Program the parameters as outlined in the users manual. Have fun!

Thanks. Have it up and

Thanks. Have it up and running but can't get data connection to work. When I sent the PARAMS M SMS,IP WAP.CINGULAR text I followed that with my ten digit phone number and 4 digit PIN for the Paygo website. Is that correct?

The first text I sent to set the device up had the wrong phone number. Do I need to reset the device then? I sent a second correct text and got a response. Thanks.

Got it working. Thanks. It

Got it working. Thanks. It is the ten digit phone number and 4 digit PIN from the Paygo website.

AT&T GoPhone

Hey, Just bought pay as you go sim card and it is working on my iphone but I can’t get it work on AVL05. The device doesn’t recognize the card. Just can’t go in working mode. I know because green led does flash 1 sec and is off 2 sec same as there is no signal (as explained in the manual). Tried another sim from T- mobile and put the “go-sim” card on my phone and was working even got sms back. The data on “go-sim” card was not working on my phone. Any suggestions. Please help.

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This is a user forum for OVMS

This is a user forum for OVMS, so I doubt there will be any here with experience on the AVL05. All I can suggest is triple-check the APN, username, password - and make sure there is no SIM lock on the AT&T GoPhone.

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Any suggestions for a M2M sim

Any suggestions for a M2M sim to be used in Canada?

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The main installation thread

The main installation thread is over at TMC:

One recommendation for Canada that has been made is:
Canada: Rogers "PAY AS YOU GO" Prepaid SIM
APN "internet.com", username "wapuser1", password "wap".

Regards, Mark.

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US SIM card cheap

I just went through the process of looking at all choices in the US for a cheap GSM SIM card. The best I could find was a AT&T reseller, Consumer Cellular. You can choose no voice minutes, 200 text messages, and 20 MB data for $11.88 / month (5% AARP discount). For a couple of bucks more you can go to 1000 text messages and 100 MB data ($14.25/month). On top of that, they are giving a $20 credit if you signup through a referral link (until July 15, after that the credit is $10) and the SIM card is free if you choose "Bring your own device". Really a great deal for us. Here is the link to save $20:


Phil H.

Another US SIM card

I just got a voice+text+data SIM this company. Another one of those "roam everywhere" companies. They are $30 with $10 free "starter balance". Currently seeing 9 cents/MB and it works great on AT&T/T-Mobile where I am.


Will the 2g shutdown affect OVMS with GPRS over M2M sim

Is GPRS independant of the 2g networks that are being decommissioned?

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