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Leaf 2015


I have connected the OVMS 3 unit(eu) to my 2015 Leaf (us-model).
The unit has a data-simcard and is connected to the 'api.openvehicles.com' server.
On my phone I can see that the app is connected to the unit in the car, as I can read the GSM status and parameters.

However im not able to read the battery-status or any other information from the car.

Does anyone know why I cant get any information from the car?


Javier Baena
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reinstall app.

reinstall app.

Some times fail.

Did you set the car on the

Did you set the car on the ovms web interface? Wifi SSID: OVMS ,Password: OVMSinit.

I have reinstalled the app,

I have reinstalled the app, and tried on my android and ios device. Same story.
And yes, the ovms module is set up and talking to the server.

Found the cause of the problem

The cable I got was faulty/wrong type from the manufacturer.

For my Leaf 2015, the cable pinout should be:
J1962-M (OBD2) / DB9-F Signal (SERIAL)
4 - 3
6 - 5
14 - 4
13 - 7
12 - 2
16 - 9

And the cable i got had the following pinout:
J1962-M (OBD2) / DB9-F Signal (SERIAL)
5 - 3
11 - 4
9 - 6
3 - 8

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I have heard that fasttech

I have heard that fasttech incorrectly shipped some cables for this. They sent the wrong cable from the wrong stock bin. If you are having problems with receiving data from Nissan Leaf, please check the pinouts on the cable you have.

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