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Unrecognized Commands being sent from OVMS to App on Phone

This is an issue that I've been experiencing for a few weeks.

Every time we lock or unlock the car, (and I think some other things are triggering this too), the OVMS in the car sends an "Unrecognized Command" message to my phone.

Is there a way to disable this feature?

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Please raise a support ticket

Please raise a support ticket here, with details. App version, vehicle ID, vehicle type, server you are using, etc. We can then have a look at the logs to find out what command is causing this issue.

Javier Baena
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It happens to me too.

It happens to me too.
I've discovered what happens when you hit the warning lights.

latest version app 3.12.8
type KS
id KNAJX81EFG7012120
openvehicles server

When you open / close the car with the remote control, it will turn on warning lights left (only turn on that side) we receive the warning "KNAJX81EFG7012120 Unrecognized Commands"

Great job, I use it every day XD

Yes, I noticed when I turn on

Yes, I noticed when I turn on the hazard lights, I keep getting these unrecognized commands continuously.

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We think this is a bug in the

We think this is a bug in the current support for Kia Soul. We have raised a GitHub issue for the developers to look into this:


Any News?

Any news on the bug? And another bug is when charging with chademo the car turn on the radio for a split second every 1min.

Does the new Firmware fix the issues with Kia Soul EV?

Just wondering if the latest firmware fixes the bugs listed above?

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From my understanding, this

From my understanding, this bug with he KS firmware has been fixed some time ago, and should not still be an issue. Let me know if it is.

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