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project Ev Car for mass production

Dear , i'm project manager in Manufactory Electric vheicle, now i want find one group people wan't development or use in mass production one complete system to cars remotely .
In the system on deshboard we add one epad whit android system, where display all info about the car, included GPS, GPRS funcion, Email, Mobile , TMPS, etccc..
In remote by operatator can update the software in the car, can update the info about the car, included the info in the black box, also in remote can lock the car if stolen, and so on..
By mobile : can setting the charger time, can setting the aircondition time, can see the status of the battery, can see the status of the TMPS , etcc.
Now who have intristing to work in this project to make also the VHC controller for mass production?
I'm from italy, but i work in china for 18 year now, and i have large esperience in this Country, included professional manufactory and low price to produce for mass production any product need .

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OVMS can help with the

OVMS can help with the smartphone side. But, we don't really work on other parts of the system.

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interested to see how this

interested to see how this progresses ( fiat 5003 owner)


Perhaps I'm the only cynic here but I read the OP - who has a racial epithet as a user name - to be spamming the forum with a sales email, hawking electronic manufacturing facilities in China?

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Not a known spammer on any

Not a known spammer on any lists we check. Also seems pretty targeted. But hard to understand what he really wants.

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Unfortunately, I found this

Unfortunately, I found this offer so late. It would be interesting to be part of your plan. I am passionate about developing remote control programs for machines, and one of my projects was even approved. The last of my projects was the development of remote control for https://www.vont.com/product/vont-car-smart-strip-light/, which is often used to decorate machines. If you are interested in contacting me and learning more about my ideas, please PM me. I am still interested in this.

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