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Modem Module

I ordered only the wifi module for my smart car and have it setup and working great. I didn't order the modem module as I didn't want another cellphone bill. Can someone give me an idea of what a monthly charge might be for this and is it a special carrier that deals with this type of device. Also if I order the modem module now will it come with a sim. I just don't want to order and find out the monthly cost is too high. Thanks in advance.

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Data usage depends heavily on

Data usage depends heavily on your usage profile.
Normal with a V2 server is about 2-3 MB per month.
If you send live updates to an MQTT hub or do high frequency GPS logging it will be more.

... is needed for the GPS data, right?

I have just bought and recieved my OVMS base module, OBD cable and GPS dongle/cable, configured it, and got it hooked up in my Leaf. Nice work, and a big thank you to everyone involed in this project.

The one thing I seem to be missing is getting GPS data. I think the missing piece is that I don't have a modem with the base module. Am I right in thinking that, actaully, a modem is needed to get GPS data...? If that's the case, then, darn... I completely missed that when trying to work things out <facepalm/>

(As an aside, is it worth waiting for a 4G module to be developed and released, or should I just go for the existing module? I'm not really planning on using the modem for transferring data back and forth.)

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Modem & GPS

You're welcome :-)

Yes, unless the car provides GPS via CAN, you'll need the modem plugin for GPS.

The Leaf module needs the modem for GPS: https://docs.openvehicles.com/en/latest/components/vehicle_nissanleaf/docs/index.html

The 4G modem is being worked on right now, but no schedule yet for availability. If you don't need 4G, get a 3G one -- 2G is also supported by that as a fallback, and totally sufficient.


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I have an older Smart ED (2014) - what do I need to use OV today

It has some old telematics and uses 2G communications.  I would be happy using wifi and controlling/monitoring it.

Suggestions or pointers to where I should look for the right configuration fo rmy little buggy!

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If your particular version of

If your particular version of the Smart ED is supported (and I see there are a couple in the list), then you can buy a base OVMS module (WiFi only) and get started until the 4G modem comes out. You can see from previous comments that this is a (recent) popular approach...and one that I am pursuing. Good luck!

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