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Hi, I have an MG ZS EV and I've just received my OVMS system (in anticipation of it being supported at some point). I am an electronics engineer and software developer by background, and am keen to assist with the testing of any code for this vehicle (I don't have CAN bus sniffer hardware or any knowledge of the CAN bus protocols, so I can't develop myself, but can certainly gather data and assist with testing). I'm happy to make my own cable to attach to the other CAN busses in the car (if you give me the pinouts), rather than simply the OBD2 port, which I understand won't get us what we need.



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Probably best to join the

Probably best to join the developers mailing list. It is at:


The OVMS v3 module itself is fine for can bus sniffing and reverse engineering. You don't need anything else.

Thanks mark - have signed up!

Thanks mark - have signed up! :-)

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