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Sending data to my own API
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> Hello everyone, I was just

> Hello everyone, I was just wondering if there is a way I can have the 'black box' send the data to my own API
> endpoint instead of the 'api.openvehicles.com'? I was hoping I could just update this server value in the
> OVMS console, but changing it to my own broke it. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

Sure. You can run your own server, and configure the module to use that (not api.openvehicles.com).

You will, of course, need to ensure you have setup your server correctly, and it is reachable over the public internet. You can use the ovms_shell script to test the server.

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In the OVMS shell, I can see

In the OVMS shell, I can see the 'server' command, but I can't find examples on how to elaborate on that to test a server connection. I was originally trying to do this from the Server V2/V3 console pages without any luck. Any chance you could provide an example on how this can be done from the shell? Thanks again for your time!

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Server v2/v3 automatically

Server v2/v3 automatically publish metric updates and notifications.

1. Check the log on server v2/v3 start.
2. Configure vehicle type "Empty", then trigger a central status change manually using "metric set", e.g. "metric set v.e.on yes".
3. Check the logs for the metric update.

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