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Local API


I am trying to figure out if this project is the right thing for me. The basic question is: Is there a local (WiFi only, no servers involved) API?

Let me give you some context. I am currently trying to automate the charging process of my Renault Twizy in a way that energy-self-consumption of my household is maximized, i.e. the twizy should always be charged to a given SoC and then continue to charge only if the pv-panels/my home battery can provide enough energy to do so. I basically have all the required parts to do so (https://github.com/theMomax/homekit-battery-integration), except for an API providing the Twizy's SoC. De-/Activating the charging-process over OVMS would be a plus, but I can also do so via a smart-plug.

I only need the SoC when the Twizy is plugged in and charging. There, it would always be in range of my local WiFi. I suppose I could also use the API hosted at api.openvehicles.com in that case (without GSM)?

However, I'd prefer to use a local API, as this would not cause traffic for your server and the internet in case I have to do regular polling and because of privacy/security concerns. No offense!

So, is there a local (WiFi only, no servers involved) API that would suit my needs? What would you suggest?

Thanks in advance! I really appreciate the effort and enthusiasm that is put into this project, you all make the world a little better!

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Local API


The module has a builtin webserver with a REST API for command execution. See https://docs.openvehicles.com/en/latest/components/ovms_webserver/docs/index.html#authorization

Commands can be scripts stored on the module. These can be written in Javascript, and can also do HTTP requests.


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