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Can message error


Since a while a got an error when i try to read out my Twizy. i have my own display with speed that i read out of the Twizy. The problem is that it works for a few seconds, nog always the same amount. Somtimes it works for minutes and sometimes only 2/3 seconds.


Does someone know how to fix this? or what can be the cause?

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Can message error

That's a CAN bus error (0x80), the CAN transceiver cannot decode some incoming frames (rxerr), most probably due to some signal error / noise on the bus.

A typical source of this is humidity or bad contact in some connector. It may be in the OBD2 port connector or at the module, but it may also be at another component connector carrying the CAN bus in the Twizy -- that would lead to other issues short to mid term.

Try unplugging and replugging the OVMS OBD2 cable on both sides first.

If your mentioned display is connected in parallel to the OBD2 port, i.e. using a Y splitter cable, that may also be the source of the issue. Try unplugging this and connecting the OVMS directly to the port. If using a Y splitter, make sure it's of decent quality, and depending on the secondary device you may need a termination resistor on that end of the bus.


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