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How to use CAN-Bus Rate with 50 kbps?

I am working on vehicle support for Fiat 500e on DBC basis. (US-Version from 2013 to2021). The Fiat 500e utilizes three data busses. The three primary busses are a non-fault tolerant CAN-C, a fault-tolerant CAN-B and a local interconnect network (LIN).

- the CAN-C bus provides high-speed  communication at 500 kbps for powertrain and chassis modules. (This allready works with OVMS V3)

- the CAN-B bus provides low-speed communication a 50 kbps  for body interior modules. (Is it possible to set "can2" to 50 kbps? )

- the LIN bus provides single wire communication at 9.6 kpbs for supporting components that need to be controlled remotely.

Next Question: Is it possible to send CAN Messages over the DBC Module to the vehicle ?

For example:
Message 0xE194031 / TCU_PRECOND_NOW / Startbit 5 / Signal is 3 Bit / 0x0=Default, (0x1=PreCondNow, 0x2=StopPreCondNow, 0x3= SNA)

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The abillity to set the CAN2

The abillity to set the CAN2 and CAN3 baud rate to 50kbps has been added to the latest bleeding edge firmware.

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