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Any active users in the Denver aresa?

Greetings fellow electric drivers:

I've been driving a Leaf for several years and am interested in getting on the Open Vehicle train (I have an OpenEVSE for charging).  But I have a problem:  my normal parking space is covered by a metal carport that does a pretty good job of blocking my phone signal.  It would be pretty silly to do all the work of getting set up, only to find that I can't communicate with my car when it's in my driveway.

So I was wondering if there's anyone in the Denver area who would be willing to come by my place, park in my spot, and see if their module can communicate with the 3G tower.  At your convenience, of course.   I'll give you a six pack of your favorite beer, or the equivalent in chocolate, or whatever floats your boat.



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Does WiFi reach your driveway

Does WiFi reach your driveway? If not, can you put in a simple wifi extender to help it? That may be an alternative for when the car is at home.

Wifi extender

That's an excellent suggestion; I should have thought of it.  Thank you!

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The other good reason to have

The other good reason to have wifi available where you park (apart from cellular coverage and bandwidth cost issues) is that OTA firmware updates happen automatically.

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