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Javier Baena
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Broken ovms module

Hi guys

At the Kia workshop, they broke my wifi antenna cable, and I knew it late.
Result: Wi-Fi doesn't work and I can't load the wizard.
No blue flash from the plate
The wizard indicates "time out"
Do you have a possible solution? buy a new one?

I buy the module separately and test your solution? https://www.fasttech.com/products/1230/10000001/9652893


Thank you very much to all.

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Broken ovms module

What exactly do you mean by broken Wifi antenna cable?

The Wifi antenna is a PCB antenna included on the ESP module. There is no cable you can break.

I suggest scanning for the Wifi network, connecting to the module via USB to see the boot log and possibly trying a factory reset.


Javier Baena
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hi Dexter.

hi Dexter.

When I connect via usb, the blue led only turns on for a few seconds, then it turns off, losing the connection.

I've done a factory reset, loaded another new .bin, hit with a big hammer and washed in liquid acid and it doesn't work lol.


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Perhaps send a picture of

Perhaps send a picture of what is broken? The blue LED is on the modem board, so perhaps GPS or GSM antenna?

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