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Transferring Ownership of Vehicle and OVMS

Just sold my Roadster.  <sad face>. Looked in the forums for what people think is the best way to transfer ownership.  Not much that I can find with the search tool on these here forums, so thought I would pose a question.  Obviously, I need to remove the vehicle from my Open Vehicles account, but should I do a factory reset first?  Just give the password to the new owner and not reset anything?

Anyone have an opinion on best practices?


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Simplest is to do a factory

Simplest is to do a factory reset.

We can transfer ownership here, also, as an option. If you want that, then have the new owner create an account here, then you (the current owner) raise a support ticket here giving the new owner ID (email address of login id), and vehicle ID.

Thanks, @markwj.  I

Thanks, @markwj.  I previously deleted the car from my account figuring that the new owner could then just associate the system with his account.  He has all the login information for the OVMS itself.  Any reason why he cannot just associate the car with his account now?

I have an account

Hi Mark and Joe

I have an account...just tried to register 609 but get the error it's already registered 

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I see your ticket. It is in

I see your ticket. It is in general easier if the owner transfering out makes the request, but in this case, given the vehicle record was marked deleted, I can handle it. I will respond in the support ticket you created.

All is good

Thanks much...all is good now. Amazing system! Thanks so much!!

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