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OVMS always reports my leaf is parked & gets notification my car might be moving on a flat bed truck

Why is the mobile app always indicated that my Nissan Leaf is parked although I am driving and in motion?  It also sent a notification that my leaf might be stolen and possibly moving on a flat bed truck?

Same problem

I had this problem as well, but updating to the most recent firmware fixed it for me.

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Same here

As far as I know I'm running the latest firmware and I also have this problem.

Firmware: 3.2.015/ota_0/main (build idf v3.3.2-881-g22d636b7b Sep 2 2020 08:32:35)

Is that the version you have?


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I also got the same firmware

I also got the same firmware version 3.2.015. I tried to plug the micro sd into a USB port thinking when powered to the auxiliary from my leaf will solve this but not.

I had the same problem with

I had the same problem with the system yesterday. When this is happening, the key fob also has issued with being recognized. I turned OFF the CAN write feature, and this seems to have helped.

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Was happening before canbus writes for me.

I had this before I'd enabled canbus writes. I only recently enabled them - wondered why I couldn't remotely start charging :-) 

Any resolution?

This happened to me last night - first time driving with OVMS.  I am on the same firmware: 3.2.015/ota_0/main (build idf v3.3.2-881-g22d636b Sep 2 2020 08:21:02)

I didn't get the moving while parked/possibly stolen notifications on the way back after it was parked for 4 hours.

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Discussed on the dev mailing list

See here for some discussion on the dev mailing list http://lists.openvehicles.com/pipermail/ovmsdev/2021-February/015171.html

The suggestion is this:

The only thing you can do is raise your theft alert threshold to, say, 
1000m. Or higher if these GPS jumps go beyond 1000m.

It seems this is a glitch in the SIM5360 GPS receiver.

I've not managed to work out how to do that yet. I'm googling away...



@Arkranium thanks for the info, I'll try to figure out how to implement as well and let ya know if successful.

Also, does OVMS app show your car in Drive? I've only actually driven the car 3 times since getting OVMS but it never changes from P to D.

Also, it hasn't shown a speed while moving since the first time (Speed display is nowhere to be found), and it was not even remotely accurate; reporting almost double my actual speed. Does yours show the speed?


2015 SV

Idk if this is what that's

Idk if this is what that's referring to but I created a location called home with current GPS coordinates and a 100m radius via the shell provided in the messages page of the app.

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Thanks @akruse, I'll give that a go too!

OTA update

This has not happened to me since the OTA update to version 3.2.016

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Me too

Seems to have stopped for me since the new firmware.

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