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Charge to 100%?


i have a difference between OVMS SoC and Car SoC.

OVMS and Car are around 7% out of range.

Fast Charger and Car alway´s on the same SoC.

In This Moment i Charged to 100% and OVMS has 95% - Ideal Range 249km and Estimated Range 14 (!!) km...

What can I do ?

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Probably nothing.

Probably nothing.

I've been wrestling with a discrepency between OVMS SoC and Car SoC for my Leaf...and have come to the conclusion that there is no way to maintain accurate OVMS SoC accross the entire range. For example, they match at high SoC (>80%), but begin diverging to the point where they are several % off (as you discovered) below 50% or so.

The Car and the Rapid charger

The Car and the Rapid charger will be reporting the Available or Usable SoC while the OVMS I suspect is including the unavailable buffer headroom which the batteries have to 1, protect itself 2, allow for the initial cell-degradation which happens in the first 6-12 months and 3, a buffer for cell imbalance while allowing the car to be charged to 100% usable and finally 4, headroom for regenerative braking in the first few kilometres/miles after fully charging the car to 100%


I have the opposite issue with my zs , ovms reports 103.3% SOC when the battery is full. Would be great to reset this is possible

On my ZS I also have 103.3% 

On my ZS I also have 103.3% 

Hi, Shane has been working on

Hi, Shane has been working on a fix for this for some time. His latest release is here: http://ovms.kilve-engineering.co.uk/ovms3rangefix_18_1.bin

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