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module shut off at 12V and doesn't start anymore.

I have the OVMS3 module, but without GSM function.

Every time  when I connect the OVMS3 moduele, it switches off after around 12 hours, due to low voltage of the 12 volt battery.
I accept this, but when I use the car, the battery is charged again and the voltage is above 12 volt.

But the module doesn't start up anymore.
I need to disconnect and connect the ODBII connector every day.

Do I something wrong?

Any tips?


Anyone seeing this? I started

Anyone seeing this? I started seeing similar behaviour (no patches, no changes) after about 6 months of it working well, OVMS started going into some sort of "sleep" mode, the only way to trigger it is to unplug and plug back in. As post above suggests voltage of the battery raises above 13v (multimeter verified), however OVMS doesn't seem to react to that. This is really annoying and is messing up with my timed charges overnight. I noticed in addition that it reports other states incorrect albeit fully connected to Wifi. I.e. currently it is plugged in to granny charger @2.2kwh or so, however OVMS console reports "Not charging". Is there a hardware failure?

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