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App not updating when car on charge - MG ZS

Hi, I have just recently added the OVMS module so only charged car a couple of times. First time it worked fine, the APP was constantly connected and updating as the car was charging.

However, today I put the car on charge (car locked and tunred off), the car was charging becasuse I can see that from my home chagrer APP but the OVMS didnt update or show the car as charging even with the APP showing as 'Live' in the top corner.

I turned the car on and then off, locked the car and then a few minutes later the APP jumped into life and is now showing as charging.

Reading the manual talks about 'zombie mode'. Im guessing this is the issue, how do I put the module into zombie mode? Or is that a fixed thing within the firmware version? I believe I am running the latest firmware.


Hello, did you manage to find

Hello, did you manage to find a way to resolve this? I've just bought the ovms specifically to monitor battery SOC while car is on charge, and I have the same issue as you. SOC is fixed at the last state that it was when the car was last 'on',  even though it's been charging for 4 hours

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Have you got the OVMS module

Have you got the OVMS module configured to shut down when the ignition is off, perhaps with quite a high threshold on the voltage so it shuts down quite soon?

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