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Climate control on 2012 Leaf


First of all thank you for this nifty platform.  I can see I'm going to get a lot of use out of it as the hardware is very capable.

I have a 2012 SL Leaf, and live in a cold climate so we've used remote climate control almost daily during winter season.  It's certainly nice to have the windows clear of frost when I leave for work.  But as you probably know, AT&T sunset their 3G service in February 2022, and Nissan has announced no plans to provide an upgrade for the older model Leaf.

Following the detailed instructions, I have my unit almost working.  I've upgraded firmware and installed the OVMS module in the vehicle using the supplied ODB2 to DB9 cable.  The GSM and GPS antennas are also connected, and my Hologram LTE service works flawlessly.

I also connected a jumper wire as diagrammed here:  https://docs.openvehicles.com/en/latest/_images/SchematicLEAF.png

Problem--the climate control does not activate unless the vehicle is charging.  Here is what I've tested so far:

- Activating climate control remotely while charging--SUCCESS

- Checking voltage on pin 18 of the DA26 connector, I see a 12V pulse when sending a signal to the OVMS--SUCCESS

- Activating climate control remotely whie unplugged, once the jumper wire is plugged into pin 11 of the TCU harness--FAIL

Any ideas for further troubleshooting would be welcome.  Other features including TPMS, BMS are working, and my iOS app displays SOC, temperature and GPS location without issue.  I've also been unable to use the door lock/unlock feature, it appears to send a command but does nothing at all.  I'm not as concerned about that, as it's not something I had prior to the 3G sunset.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

Upgraded to Edge firmware - FIXED

Posted too soon, it seems.  I decided to give the edge firmware a try even though the version number (3.3) looked the same.  The remote climate control is working now.  Hopefully this firmware is stable.

Thanks again for this great platform.

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