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third party TPMS support?

My Trio doesn't have TPMS, so I purchased a chinese kit consisting of senders and a receiver with USB interface

This  can attach to an android receiver but it would be even better if it could interface to the OVMS unit

The receiver emulates a pretty standard USB serial port, so all that's really needed is USB host (OTG) support. Has anyone done that on the V3?



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The microcontroller on the v3

The microcontroller on the v3 ovms doesn't include any USB support.

In that case, would it be

In that case, would it be possible to use BLE TPMS units?

or a USB addon module?

I'm planning to add an android audio headunit to the vehicle, but I'm not sure if I can export things from there to the OVMS unit (it'd be an interesting project though....)


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As I said, no USB support, so

As I said, no USB support, so that won't work.

BLE may be possible, and there is some rudimentary BLE support in the firmware. But it takes up quite a lot of memory (which is why we don't have it enabled as standard).

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