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Complete Newb Help

Hello Everyone.

I recently purchased a 2016 Nissan Leaf.  I was shattered to find out that the much vaunted NissanConnect no longer worked with 2016 or older.  It wasn't long before I read all the critiques about NC and how bad it really was.  I stumbled upon OVMS and thought "great! I can get this".  I ordered it from the UK and it amazingly showed up 4 days later!!  I had my local nissan dealer install it as I'm not very mechanical, and quite frankly I bought a warranty for the car and don't want them voiding it.  Long story short.. YAY OVMS is now working on my Leaf.  The app connects and I get data and stats.


My question is this.  How can I control the temperature settings inside the cab?  I live in Northern Canada and we go from -20C in the winters (want to be able to say Warm Up before work) and +35C in the summer (Oh god please cool down).  I see the A/C option on the app and it does work, but how do I control the temp or fan?

I'm a pretty basic user.  I am using the module for Charge Status and remote climate control.  What else can I do?  Where can I find out?  I looked at the documentation but it doesn't really tell me the basics.  Like does turning on the AC also turn on the heater?  How do I change that, etc


Any and all help would be appreciated




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Remote Climate Control is a

Remote Climate Control is a binary function: it's either on or off with the car determining whether you get "heat" or "cool" based on an internal set-point. Even the (now disabled) NissanConnect  app could not control actual temperature. Other than that, the other functions (SoC status, etc.) are listed in the Leaf portion of the OVMS docs.

There's no temp control from

There's no temp control from the app. Leave the car in "Auto" mode all the time. Buried in the menu system in the main screen (center of the dash), there's a setting that allows you to set where you want the pre-conditioning to get the car to. When you remotely start from the app, that's the temp it's aiming for, NOT the temp you see on the main screen. As far as heat/cool goes, the car decides how to handle all that based on outside and cabin temps. 

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