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MQTT and home automation integration

Hello together,

I found this amazing project and I have general questions for feasability:

I have a Nissan Leaf, own controllable EVSE, and a home automation system with own Mosquitto MQTT server.

My most important use case is that I want to access data (esp. SOC) when the vehicle is parked at home (should be in WiFi range)

So my questions are:

- Which OVMS server (V2 or V3) would I use?

- Can OVMS provide a MQTT connection to my own Mosquitto server, regardless which server type a chose, or would my home automation system connect to an externally hosted MQTT server?

- If I would like to get a LTE connection (only nice to have for me, not mandatory), would that work also, given that my own local Mosquitto is not accessible from outside?

Sorry for being completely new to this project and for asking potentially stupid questions.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Phil,

Hi Phil,

Server v2 uses OVMS own protocol, for this to function you can use public available servers or you need to install the ovms server for yourself. You can get data via a provided HTTP API out of it.

If you want to use your mosquitto MQTT server then you need to use OVMS Server v3, this is practically MQTT. So OVMS module pushes all metrics to your mosquitto server. If you want live informations while driving via LTE network, your mosquitto must be available outside. You can protect it via a nginx reverse proxy plus fail2ban and lets encrypt certificates.


Somehow, my new account got

Somehow, my new account got broken and I had to register with a new email address....

What the access to my Mosquito is concerned, I have the problem that my router is only reachable via IPv6, therefore it is difficult to find a solution for mobile access.... I am no expert in this...

Do the current Android and iOS apps already support the mqtt server (server V3)? Can the server be switched easily or based on a priority list, i.e., if the local is available, this one is chosen, otherwise the remote one?

If I choose the V2 instead, is there a possibility to have a mqtt interface anyway or does that only come with the V3 server choice?


If you self host from home if

If you self host from home if only IPv6 is available it can be problematic, depending on your cellular providor of course.

You can use public MQTT servers, most of them has TLS encryption an authentication, so that should work. I have a server in a local datacenter so I host everything by myself so I cannot help you with public MQTTs.

You can use both server implemenatation simultaneously, the module try to keep connection with both of them. But if your mqtt is only available on your home network you have only realtime data and no data from your trip for example.

You can use Node-Red to gather data from v2 HTTP API and push it to MQTT without problems.

I use Node-Red to grab data from MQTT and v2 Server and push it to a InfluxDB to visualize it via Grafana for example.

Sounds great! I have ordered

Sounds great! I have ordered the WiFi module for now and can't wait to try it out.

Well, in the end I think it could make sense to use the publicly hosted server. I could integrate also the V2 server API commands into my openhab system, then I could use it from home and from somewhere else.

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