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wifi cli mode and 4G disconnected

hi people, i have 2 issue, and i doesn't know if is a general problem or something setted incorrectly ...

i have a V3 version with the ESP module, i doesn't like to broadcast an ssid signal all over the world, then i configure the module to act as client over my phone wifi thetering signal and i power it on only when i need ...  but after some hours i switch off the thetering function, if i switch it on, it seems do not recognize my wifi network anymore and i need to power cicle the module to reconnect ...


the second issue, is that i set a low data usage limit on the hologram sim, when the carrier notify me about the sim disconnection from the network due to high data utilization, i set a new higer limit .... but the module doesn't reconnect anymore, the last 4 time i power it off and on , this time i decide to wait, but now it is over 24 hours diconnected ... it isn't related to the cellular network becouse i drive the twizy in this time  ... what can be?

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wifi cli mode and 4G disconnected

Using phone Wifi tethering normally works fine. Maybe you left the client configured with another network and scanning mode insteaf of fixing it to the phone's SSID.

If the module still is connected via cellular, you can check the status via commands "network status" and "wifi status". You also then can use "network restart" or "module reset" instead of power cycling.

Regarding the Hologram data limit issue: I can reproduce the effect using the manual "Pause" feature, this looks like a bug in either our modem communication or the modem itself -- it seems to signal a carrier & PPP connection although there is none. I'll open a github issue on this.


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