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Forum software face-plants when using emoji; times-out when posting or editing anything

If you habitually use the Win+. (period) emoji panel like I do, you'll run into this and not even know why... but I tracked this error down to my habitual use of emoji. (facepalm emoji)

The above error turns out to be because I used an emoji and didn't even realize it. The forum database must hate unicode. {{laughing emoji}}

Why not use the built-in ones? (1) because the emoji panel is second nature to me by this point in my internet life (hit the keys, describe the emoji, hit enter), and (2) the available Emoticons(tm) here don't even include something as basic as laughing (as above) {{upside-down face emoji}}

Second: on every post, the server hangs for ... well, I haven't counted, but easily 10 seconds -- enough to make me wonder "is it dead? did it post?", open a duplicate tab, go back to the forum/thread where I was posting the reply, _see that the reply/thread was posted_, still see my posting tab loading... so yeah, the server seems to _melt_ every time a post is made. {{laughing emoji}}

Hopefully helpful feedback to track down some stack of errors in the server logs! haha

Here's a possible hint...

Here's a possible hint... this started popping up on my next page load. Note the size of the scrollbar on the right side of the screen... probably a megabyte or so of error dumps there! haha

And the one I got when trying to edit that (happens nearly every time - only about 20% of post replies/edits/communication here goes-off without this error):

There's another one on the way once I can GIF it!

I wish I was kidding here - I

I wish I was kidding here - I had to dodge this exact behavior while uploading this gif of it occurring.

Yes, i also have this huge

Yes, i also have this huge red wall of warnings.

Would this forum software get updated any soon?

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