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Ovms app error after update

After the last update to the OVMS app in Jan 2023,  the app stopped working. I Uninstalled the app and tried to reconnect. But now get ovms server and password error. Anyone have an idea on how to resolve this issue?


And yes my passwords are correct. I've checked. 



Same for me. I've had issues

Same for me. I've had issues for weeks now and a few days ago it's completely stopped working. I can't connect to the module via wifi anymore either. I've tried unplugging it from the OBD port and it'll come back on for a little bit, but it only works for a small amount of time before it stops working again. 

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Ovms app error after update

Generally, release 4.1.2 is one of the most stable releases in the App's history.

@nismoman240sx: that's no App error.

@hdinnc: double check the login & password, remember it's the vehicle login you need to use, not your user account login.


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