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OVMS for Leaf conversion. Compatible with Resolve EV controller?

Hi, new to the forum. Apologies if this is covered elsewhere. Searching for ‘Resolve’ isn’t that easy when it’s a forum designed to resolve problems!

I am planning an ICE to EV conversion on a VW type 2 campervan, using the full Leaf stack of motor, inverter, PDM, and the battery pack with its BMS. The controller will be Resolve EV - these guys, https://www.resolve-ev.com/faq

can anyone tell me if it is possible to have OVMS monitoring work in a Resolve controlled Leaf vehicle please?



You have posted in the

You have posted in the subforum for the OVMS v2. OVMS v2 is unsupported for years. The subforum is there for covering the questions from users that have the OVMS v2 hardware that is not offered for sale new anywhere for many years.

Why have you posted this question in this OVMS v2 subforum? Is this related with OVMS v2?

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