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Useful Info for Peugeot Ion (i-Miev) Users


Success! ...and thanks to those who helped…


https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/714 ... 020214.zip

… hex file on my version 2 OVMS module in my July 2011 Peugeot Ion (i-Miev), using a UK registered GeoSim sim card in my iPhone4, I am now getting the following SMS responses...

Send: version (upper or lower case characters - doesn't to appear to matter - except for passwords, of course)
Reply: OVMS Firmware version: 2.6.2/MI/V2

Send: Gprs?
Reply: GPRS:
GSM:Orange (has also been 'TMO UK')
GSM/GPRS: Not connected (0x0042) (I suspect this is down to poor signal)

Send: Stat?
Reply: 00:09:29
Not charging (correct)
SOC: 100% (correct)
Ideal Range: 93 mi (at 30mph, maybe!)
Est. Range: 62 mi (sounds correct)
ODO: 4,547.8 mi (correct)

The OVMS module sent a status message without prompting a few minutes after I reconnected it to the car.

Other potentially useful observations:-

- I used an older PICKIT2 interface with a connector which is on the end of a bit of ribbon cable which only has 5 'pins'. This still worked with pin 1 (red stripe) connected to the pin on the OVMS module board with the white triangle next to it.

- The PICKIT2 interface will power the OVMS module when it is connected via the USB port of your active PC allowing you to configure it before replacing it in its box and installing it back in the car (but see the next item)

- If you have already installed the 2 proper antennae in the car but have to remove the OVMS from the car for re-flashing the firmware (if you forget to switch off the 'Eeprom Data' erase tick box and lose all your settings!), in order to configure it from new or re-configure it for another reason and you want to do this from the comfort of your study (or whatever) rather than sitting out in your cold car, you can temporarily use a canabalised wifi antenna on the GSM antenna connector to give a half decent signal - it worked with me and I have only half my bars on my mobile here. Of course you could always buy a proper GSM antenna.

- I located the OVMS module towards the centre of the car behind the facia after removing the glove box. This is very easy to do… Open it and just pull gently each side of the top rear corners of the box away from the respective sides of the dash - one at a time - and the rubber-covered lugs will come past the stops allowing the box to open further than normal towards you. If you rotate it far enough you can then pull it off the hinges and completely detach it. You don't need to do this but it clears the decks a bit. Just empty it first or the glovebox contents will all fall out. I located the 2 antennae in the front left side of the dash right at the bottom left hand side of the windscreen (bearing in mind my steering wheel is on the right). You can remove the small plastic panel at the edge of the dash (next to the tiny window) by carefully levering it up with something plastic. Use metal and you risk damaging it. However you have to remove the B pillar trim first by pulling the top away gently until it unclips, then pulling the middle away in the same way and then lifting the bottom out vertically. It is attached with a piece of woven tape for some reason. The GPS and GSM antenna leads can then be dragged back from their location to the front of the underside of the dash (using a piece of wire or sturdy plastic rod) and then dropped down to met the OVMS module. See the pics at the bottom of this web page which might help… http://www.winlow.co.uk/wychwood.co.uk/i-miev.html

Next… getting the GPRS and iPhone OVMS app to work...

Regards, MW

Missing bit...

I missed this bit out of my dash instructions (insert after 'vertically.' … in the last big paragraph.

'The GPS and GSM antenna leads can then be dragged back from their location to the front of the dash (using a piece of wire or sturdy plastic rod) and then dropped down to met the OVMS module.'

All Working...

No idea (in the end) what I did to get the app working but it now is. I'm getting battery charge state, ideal range, estimated range on the battery screen, battery, motor and PEM temperatures on the Car screen and correct location on the Location screen. Should I be getting anything else?

Charging Interruption Notification Working

I deliberately interrupted my charging this morning and received a text notification 'Not charging' but no email… I have the system set up to do both…

Wouldn't "Charging interrupted" be a more useful notification under these circumstances?

Regards, Martin Winlow.

Low Auxilliary (12V) Battery Voltage Warning

Hi, I can't start a new thread anymore for some reason so I'm using this old thread of mine (it relates to my OVMS-equipped iOn anyway)...

I had my iOn in at a Peugeot dealer recently (to have the brake pump recall work done) and it was there for 4 nights (I haven't got a very local dealer and so I took it to one near a relative whilst I was visiting them for a few days - dropped it off on the way down and picked it up on the way back).

At about 0230 hours on the morning of the 4th day - when I was due to drive home - I was woken up by my iPhone due to a message from my iOn's OVMS saying (wording not exact) "Warning! The 12V battery is below 12.05V!". I was unaware of this feature and when I rang the dealer, when they opened later, it transpired that the interior light had been left on and so they were able to put the 12V battery on charge ready for me to pick it up a couple of hours later for the 200 mile drive home.

Is there a definitive list of these additional features somewhere?


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