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CAN Bus Pass-Through Cable - Run OVMS & caniOn Simultaneously

I guess the title says it all…

Is this possible? Could it be done by just paralleling the 4 conductors from one device to the other?


CAN parallel? YES!

I'm working on a conplete different project and YES all 4 wires parallel should work:
12V Power, 0V GND, CanHI, CanLO
Some devices have a 120 ohm termination resistor between CanHI and CanLO : Your extra device should NOT have this resistor.
You can't damage anything if there is a 120 ohm too much on the wires.
Ihe only thing that can happen: The car communication hangs up.
If the car does not work as normal, then remove your device. (maybe a CAR-Reset could be needed)

(Tesla Roadster)

Thanks. MW

Thanks. MW

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