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OVMS for Renault Twizy

Return of experience from Twizy users, suggestions for further developement, troubleshooting help.

First impressions

Hello everybody,

I just purchased (via Fasttech) and installed Ovms module (latest firmware release) on my Renault Twizy and I'm enjoyng the IOS app providing me all info needed about gps position and SOC: this app works perfectly!
While I can read SOC and GPS position both with SMS and the app it seems that I cannot act in write mode on Can Bus even if feature 15 set in 1.
In particoular all CFG command don't work (no sms returned even to the basic CFG INFO query).
In addition also all BATT command give no SMS back while all the other Macros work properly and return an SMS in few seconds.
Is anybody experiencing the same problems?

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If you want Twizy-specific

If you want Twizy-specific extension commands like CFG, you will need to flash a Twizy-specific firmware to the module. The standard production firmware includes support for all the cars we production support, but only has basic features.

hex. writable file

Dear Mark and other bloggers,
Thanks for your nice OVMS module. Currently it is still working with sources of ignition telephone connection. GPS is also fast in order.
Can you or someone else send me a hex. file by mail? I have a Renault Twizy and would like to use the CFG option, so I can make adjustments. I live in Belgium and have problems with these files to catch up with github.
Thanks in advance, I would always compensate for this hex. file.

RT 3.2.0 v2

I flashed Twizy firmware 3.2 but it seems not working (at least BATT and CFG commands are not effective). Maybe I did something wrong (but the othe module command works properly) or maybe Renault introduced some commands to disable Sevcon access, since RT firmware was developped.

CFG commands


I actually have the same Issue with my OVMS module. Did you find any solution?

I have got the same problem.

No answer from OVMS when i send the cfg - commands.
I only have the original Firmware Version 2.6.5/RT3.2.0/V2

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Kind of had that same issue and then ...

... suddenly it worked and I got back command replys.

Make sure you have a good cell phone connection. Make sure Twizy is on but NOT in GO mode. After "FEATURE 15 1" a SMS reply "Feature has been set" must appear - it is without effect to go further if you do noit get this message. If you do not get a reply to "CFG RESET" push the D or R button 3 times whe n Twizy is on but not in GO, turn Twizy off an on again. After every CFG command you should get a reply (SPEED, POWER, RECUP, SAVE).

Good Luck.

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OVMS module stopped

every week I have to unplug then plug my module, because it doesn't answer to my SMS or App. I have an aswer only with DIAG code (first answer 10 green, 0 red - second answer 8 green, 0 red - after I always have 6 green, 0 red).
What's happens?
My module is failured?

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