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Module stopped syncing to server

My module for VA Ampera LC12GDO with WorldPay roaming sim has often had gaps in getting online from first installation nearly 2 years ago. But now it has been14 hours since last sync on my way home yesterday. I've had a full charge and driven to the station since but no new data. I even unplugged the unit and re connected it. Getting 5 or 6 flashes on the green led,which is in keeping with no GPRS. The aerial is screen mounted as per installation instructions.
What do I do next?
The firmware was updated to the latest in March.
I renewed my WorldPay annual subscription a month ago.


It has started to sync again a bit more often each day. Like it had to learn about all the networks from scratch. I know it doesn't but the behaviour gives that impression.

2 things to look for if the

2 things to look for if the module appears to have 'stopped working'. 1/ Poor signal at OVMS antenna. A bit difficult but if you can get a signal, check the module signal strength in the OVMS app. If its good, don't park the car anywhere else (without first checking the signal strength)! 2/ Have you got credit on the SIM card the OVMS module is using? MW

2 things

When it goes into a period of not responding, it doesn't respond to texts or the app. When I can get a response on the app I can also get a text response. The signal strength reported on the app seems to vary very little. I can't see it right now but I seem to remember -103db or similar. It is mostly parked on my drive or at the station car park both of which sometimes allow full connectivity and other times it can be into tens of hours with no response.
Once I got a DIAG text with RED LED 7 / GRN LED 5 / NET STATE: 0x0041 when the car was on the move, but when it is parked I only get RED LED 0 / GRN LED 1 / NET STATE: 0x0020 if I get a response at all.

I have all but stopped using it as the odds of getting any info when I need it are so low.
Could the phone aerial have gone faulty or is it likely to be hardware?

Working again

I thought it was worth sharing the next events in this story.

I had all but given up on getting my OVMS working again to the level I once had which was about 90% success on occasions I referenced it! but I thought I would try and fault find the sim vs module question by putting the sim in a phone when my son arrived with an unlocked phone. It has no data capability but I thought after 7 days of no connection in OVMS , I had to find out if it was u/s or not.

When I used the GlobalSim in the cheap phone and dialled my landline, the system called the phone back while I was trying to place the call. By the time I worked out what was happening it had played a recorded message which I missed altogether. Then it connected to my land line number. I answewered it and then hung up. Going on to my global sim acct management web page I could see the 1 p charge or thereabouts for that call and one or two data transfer charges since the 7 day gap.
I repeated the call attempt to try and listen to the callback message, but it did not repeat. I just got an in-line message saying something along the lines of the call is blocked. I raised a ticket for GlobalSim support and returned the sim to the OVMS module and put it back in the car so they could monitor the connection attempts hopefully.

I do not know if the ticket spurred some action or not. The email response suggests not, but the module has been syncing live just about every time I have looked since the experiment. I have this vague suspicion it is some kind of inactive user determination imposed by the networks which require to have a voice call answered before resuming data services. Damn nuisance if my suspicions are correct. If it goes unresponsive again, I'll be whipping it out and into a phone straight away, as it were...

M2M sim from GlobalSim much better

Buying the new kind of sim solved all the problems with losing the profile etc.

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