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A few questions from an enthusiastic OVMS Roadster user

Hi Guys
First of all THANK YOU for this wonderful hardware / software enhancement & tool for the roadster.
Great instructions too .. worked 1st time :-)

YOU guys ROCK !!!

I hope you dont mind me asking a few questions .. seems almost churlish :-)
I have EU roadster #335 (UK RHD 2.5),

1. I have been using the touch screen in de-bug mode to show actual temperatures of motor/PEM/batteries as well as a few other goodies :-) 1050 :-) Q: does this cause any known interference/problems for OVMS ?
2. I mainly use the Android app on my (registered) phone, but also have installed the app on the iPad... I try and make sure only either one are running together.
Q: does this cause any known interference/problems for OVMS ? .. eg I notice the iPad app is slightly better in that it allows me to show both miles and degrees C (UK normal), any chance this could be on the android app (or have I missed a parameter ? ).
3. I seem to get many odd error messages: vehicle alert code: TR2S/1173 (00002000) what is this ?
(usually when parked, plugged in, in 'storage' charge mode. .. could it be because VDU is in de-bug mode (as 1 above).
4. Settings:
- any links / suggestions on how to use the 'Digital Speedometer' function which I guess is MPH display on instruments ? I know its experimental .. but I'm tall so it would be nice to try :-)
5. I would love to use some of the advanced battery care/charging features, which appear to be only via sms/text ..
Please can you share an idiots guide, (with examples) to these as shown appendix A.
For example I assume sending COOLDOWN means car must be plugged in ready for charge, but assume charging NOT on ? also what temperature does it cool the battery down to ?
Likewise on Page 33 of appendix A, there is a wonderful looking command called ACC PARRAMS
(I assume ACC is the location of charge point ?) , but could you share an example of an SMS to do the following, say after parking up:
1 cooldown battery (immediately)
2 start charge at say 12-30am
3 at say 16 amps (or whatever)
4 charge in standard mode to say 60% SOC (to preserve battery if only short journeys being done), ... or to say normal standard max soc (80% soc, I think)... or to say 140 ideal miles ?

I hope you dont mind me asking these q's .. I hope I have searched enough for answers on the net .. Maybe I can help in some way (but I am a mere mechanical engineer with limited software skills ;-(

Once again HUGE thanks
Mark77a on most forums


Hi Together !

I have same Message whith TR2S/1173 - i get each day a sms at 19:30 ? Knows somebody which alert this is and how we can stop it ?

lg Andreas

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