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Permission denied


I received my OVMS kit yesterday and installed a simcard from lebara, i checked in an Iphone if GPRS worked ( turnd 3g off ) and this worked.

I now have a problem setting it up, when i turn on the module 1 see ( i think ) 6 lightblinks, sso this would mean trying 6 – COPS initialization (trying to connect to a cellular tower)

When i try to send a sms on every command ( STAT? / REGISTER OVMS / MODULE? ) i get the reply Permission denied

I assume that when i get a reply the module is connected to a celluar tower right?

Does anyone know how i can solve this problem?


the permission denied problem

the permission denied problem is solved by writing the v2.5 firware to the ovms module instead of the v2.6 and erasing the eeprom.

I'm having this same issue,

I'm having this same issue, can you please confirm if any version of v2.5 works? I've tried v2.5.5 and I'm still getting permission denied. Thanks Chris

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