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VOLT no info

I bought and installed the version 2 The module does not send any information.
In the app all SMS command to 0 If I answer all 0 great range, SOC = 0. No charging.
Nothing works.

VOLT and ampera users not work.!!!!!!!!!!!

finaly a make it works

I'll answer myself.
Now I've finally fixed and works. After much study and with the help of Mark Webb works.
Firm must to flash the 2.6.5 but the version that is in this link.

Then you just have to configure the module via sms for running begins.
2#MODULE XXXX IP VA(xxxx=NAME car you register in web)(IP comumucation via app only)(VA Amper volt)
3# GPRS xxx.com xxxx xxxx (xxx.com=APN xxxx=User xxxx=password all of this provaider by you SIM operator)
4#PASS xxxx (password for the server)

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