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OVMS V3 not keeping settings

I received my OVMS a couple days ago and have been struggling with making it work correctly. Just for the record, I am upgrading from my older V2 unit in my Tesla Roadster 2.5.

My friend who also drives a roadster and was doing the same upgrade with me at the same time. His new unit is working correctly, while mine keeps loosing all the records when we enter them.

For example, I select the vehicle configuration and select the appropriate fields. Hit save, go to another section and when I return the Vehicle section everything is fine BUT when i do any changes to the Autostart configuration then press the save and reboot option, the unit reboots then all the fields are empty. Its like nothing was saved on a reboot.

Here is some of the things we tried. Please note we were successful in getting my friends unit running.

My vehicle ID is TROADSTER1334
All the vehicle info is being gathered when connected to the Roadster. (Units display in KM even though we have selected Miles)

Have also just used USB to power the unit as well when working at my desk to test.

We tried to switch the unit from AP mode to Client mode. When the unit reboots its automatically in AP mode.
We tried to switch to NO WIFI and it reboots and is back in AP mode.

We upgraded the firmware using an SD card and it instant loaded it into Firmware_0 (i believe)
New firmware is cool! Like the dashboard. But same issues.

I am using a MACBook and the chrome browser to make these changes. Is there a setting we are missing? or is this a faulty unit?

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It sounds like something is

It sounds like something is wrong with the configuration store.

We recommend a factory reset of the configuration. You can find a 'Module Factory Reset' section in the user guide now, that describes how to do that. It clears the configuration store, re-formats it, and reboots the module.

Just to update this post, the

Just to update this post, the factory reset worked correctly and the unit is now performing as expected. The updated user guide has all the valid info for performing a reset.

OVMS v3 not broadcasting OVMS SSID

Just unboxed my new OVMS v3---followed the procedure described in the YouTube video (w/direct USB connect to PC USB port)---OVMS v3 lights blue briefly----but does not broadcast a "OVMS" SSID. Can anyone help?

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Can you provide some

Can you provide some information on what you have configured, and what you are seeing? If private, better to raise a support ticket.

Factory reset doesn't start WIFI (see clip from log, below)

Clip from log of factory reset, below. After factory reset WIFI power=off (I think) due to error logged, below. See "E" line in log, below.

I (1726) housekeeping: Auto init wifi (free: 4326680 bytes)
W (1736) esp32wifi: AutoInit: using module password as AP password
E (1746) esp32wifi: AutoInit: no AP password set, AP mode inhibited
I (1746) housekeeping: Auto init modem (free: 4326680 bytes)

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The normal factory reset

The normal factory reset procedure involves setting the default configuration by USB terminal after the reset, see user guide.

If you cannot use the USB terminal, the current build will allow a factory reset by insertion of an SD card with a file "factoryreset.txt" in the root directory.

That build will now also start wifi in AP mode after a factory reset, with network "OVMS" and password "OVMSinit".

You can download the latest build from here:

To flash from SD card, rename the file to "ovms3.bin".

Commit log for the build:


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module factory reset

I have problem with commant from Shell "module factory reset"
After that ..
OVMS# module factory reset
Reset configuration store to factory defaults, and lose all configuration data (y/n): OVMS# Y
How can I enter Y?
I tried from Mac and from PC... Whatever I click I cannot answer with Y...
What Im doing wrong?

PS: I have also problem with keeping settings

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I solved it with SSH terminal ;)

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Yes, you need a full terminal

Yes, you need a full terminal for this (usb or ssh). The alternatives are SD card factoryreset.txt, or the button on the module.

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