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Fiat 500e (California)

I am owner of a Fiat 500e from California. Now I have assembled the Module V3 to my car. I can connect to OVMS-Server and GPS information works.

By can-bus sniffing with arduino I found some working Pids. But my knowledge about OVMS is to low to test if 500e is working with ovms so I need some programmers help.
The 500e works with 16Bit Pids and three different CAN-Bus Systems.

I have found that

0x0C10A040 is the SOC
and the CAN Bus works with 500KBPS.

Is there a easy way to get SOC with the OVMS-Module 3? If possibel I can start to find more PID from the Fiat 500e.

Thx Guenther

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There are a few users who

There are a few users who have stepped forward and asked for Fiat 500e support. This vehicle seems quite popular at the moment, and support is in demand.

Please use the Contact Us system on this website to send us an eMail, and we can assist.

If you can send us:

a) The physical connection (presumably OBDII port, which pins, which bus speed)? If more than one bus, give details on each.

b) The details for message 0x0C10A040 for SOC. We can then create a stub vehicle module, as a proof of concept, that implements that one SOC metric and acts as a starting point for further work.

In general, the vehicle support modules convert can bus messages to metrics (like SOC, range, car on/off state, etc). If possible, they also handle commands (lock, unlock, etc) and send them as CAN bus messages to the car.

OVMS v3 has some powerful facilities for CAN bus reverse engineering, and capturing logs. In general, it is easiest to just connect the module to the car, and do the can bus work directly from there (using SSH to the module, over wifi). The car can be set to update OTA from the nightly firmware builds, to obtain the latest firmware. Here are some notes on obtaining CAN bus dumps:

1] If you are using an OVMS module from the second batch onwards (anything in the last month or so), set the SD CARD to maximum speed (this only needs doing once):

OVMS# config set sdcard maxfreq.hz 20000

2] Start a CAN bus trace (crtd format):

OVMS# can log crtd /sd/test.crtd
(and “can log status” to see realtime status)

3] To stop the CAN bus trace:

OVMS# can log off
(it will show you some statistics about how much was logged, etc)

4] To view the can log trace (take care, it may be long):

OVMS# vfs cat /sd/test.crtd
(you can also 'vfs tail' to see just the end, but that will not be live for can bus traces)

5] You can either unplug the sd card, to copy it off, or use scp.

6] Note that if you have wifi, you can also use the ‘re’ package to do a can log over wifi:

OVMS# re start
OVMS# re serve format crtd
OVMS# re serve mode ignore

The module will then be listening on port tcp/3000. If you connect to that port, you will receive can bus messages in textual crtd format. Depending on your operating system, you can pipe that to a file. In Linux/OSX, the netcat utility (nc) is good for this.

$ nc devbench.local 3000 | tee /tmp/test.crtd
1530841313.517290 CXX OVMS
1530841313.801870 2R11 1FF 01 02 03

If you do use ‘re’, you may also find ‘re list’ helpful. It will show you a summary of all the unique passive data records it finds on the can bus (including their frequency and last seen value). The ‘re’ tools package is for Reverse Engineering can bus traffic, and has some pretty powerful functionality.

Regards, Mark.

Fiat 500e Information

Hi I found the following infos regarding the bus-communication for the Fiat 500e:

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I second this

I also have a fiat 500e and would love to try to access the onboard controls. Bout a year ago their app and control system that was shipped with all original fiat 500e's stopped working. Fiat said it was because of the manufacturer of the cellular modem no longer supported the 2G module that was in the car. this meant controls suck as lock, unlock, but more importantly, battery level, charging rate or not charging and the ability to turn on the AC to heat or cool the car remotely was no longer available.
I am hoping that we can use this system to replace those remote commands and much more,.

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I'll have to third this then :)

Another here with a Fiat 500e that never even got to use the app and control system that shipped with the car because I had purchased as a 2nd owner after it was returned after a 3 year lease. Fiat told me also that I would not be able to activate the functions and use after the original 1st 36 month owner. I've been looking for just this type of solution and would be willing to help get this going for the Fiat 500e owners by helping out with testing and such.

new user

I have a smart fortwo ED, need advice on best method to collect PIDS to use when I get the device going

Support for the Fiat500e

Not from USA-CA , but from The Netherlands ;-)

Just bought an OVMS-3 set and I would also be interested to see good support for the Fiat500e.
I noticed it is now in the tables with some of the functionality, looking forward installing at as that what is in the table is already very useful.
I would be happy to try to assist to improve the Fiat500e support with traces and experimenting to find out the needed OBD / CAN codes.

P.S. Just installed the iOS and Android Apps, noticed I do not see the Fiat500e.

Dr No
Support for the Fiat500e

Support for the Fiat500e
Hi GeraldF, I have some CAN Codes for you, how can I contact you?

Fiat 500e codes

Hi, thanks for your reply. That would be great !
I do not see a way to DM here, feel free to use my e-mail : gerard@fianen.nl

Dr No, GerardF, I also have a

Dr No, GerardF, I also have a Fiat 500E and are interested in any CAN codes already known. Would you be so kind to share these?


Hi guys, what's the status of the Fiat 500e support? I see Fiat 500e has been added to the supported OVMS supported vehicles list, however all metrics a TBC. Does anyone know what metrics will work currently? https://docs.openvehicles.com/en/latest/components/vehicle_fiat500/docs/index.html

Firmware / PIDs

I noticed that there does seem to be a firmware that does work with the 500e over at http://fiat500e.eu/

I see that the changes for that seem to be in this commit: https://github.com/openvehicles/Open-Vehicle-Monitoring-System-3/commit/bd192f5c1bf7ea77d94bf6e504cefa55f6365f5c

As far as the PIDs go, there's some good progress over at https://www.fiat500owners.com/threads/500e-can-bus-decoding.150166/

Just tried it out

So based on the above, I went ahead and got an OVMS box with a 4G modem (using the Kia Soul) cable, and found that lock/unlock, preconditioning and state of charge all work correctly for me, so that's nice.

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Hi, what is means of (using

Hi, what is means of (using the Kia Soul) cable? Are you buy OVMS with Kia Soul cable? I want to buy also. Thanks at advance

Happy with my setup

Just got mine setup. Order parts from fasttech as suggested from fiat500e.eu. Anyone else using the iOS app and what vehicle picture are you using? When do we get a photo of the 500e?

Trip data

Anyone have any luck pulling trip data off the car? I saw that the my500e app does support viewing Trip A/B info so it must be accessible. I'm particularly interested in the post-trip statistics that show up on the gauge cluster (distance, efficiency, drive time, avg speed) when turning the car off, for logging purposes.

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I'd love to help with this.

I'd love to help with this.  Are there any other vehicle versions that are doing something similar?


I'm pretty new to CAN stuff so I'm not sure how much help I'll be in the short term. If you're talking about vehicles with trip info support there is some for the Trio, Soul, Twizy, MG. It seems the Soul has something similar to the 500e. I think the difficulty is finding PIDs considering none of that post-trip info seems to be accessible during the drive (unless you clear trip A/B before putting car into D and look for duplicate values).

Between this thread and this thread there does seem to be a fair bit of interest in the community so it would be cool to bring together interested people and flesh out some of the info. The 500e support page is still pretty barebones. Gunther Huck's contribution is a good start, but there is also some stuff in this sheet by carrrl at the 500 owners forum.

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