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POST request to trigger commands

Hi everyone !

I'm new to OVMS V3 (old user of OVMS V2).

I used to change my tuning configuration (Renault Twizy) on-the-go through SMS.

Now, I see that OVMS V3 is delivered with an Hologram simcard, this seems to be great but... I don't have any idea on how I can fine tune my vehicle now ?

Is it possible to send "SMS" like commands over IP ? I was thinking of an API or something like that ?

Thank you for your time ! :-)


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OVMS v3 has a full command

OVMS v3 has a full command line interface. On the Android App, you can access this with the 'Messages' screen. This is not yet available under iOS.

There is also an API using the server v2 protocol. That API can send commands (and receive responses), and is what the cellphone Apps use.

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Note that as of earlier this

Note that as of earlier this year, the iOS App now also supports the messages tab.

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