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Unable to stop charging (leaf 2015)

I'm unable to stop/start charging from the app.
The display in the app says "stopping charge.. => failed"

Is this supposed to be working on the leaf 2015?

I have the soc working, as well as ac/heat control,
but start/stop charge will not work (as well as door unlock or gps location).
Also, I assumed that OVMS would be able to get the GPS signal from the car, but location is allways 0,0.

Ideally i would like to use the OVMS to stop charge automatically at 80%, if possible.

did you ever get this to work?

I'm having the same problem with my LEAF 2013. Did you ever get a response? Did you get it to work the way you want?

I have not figured out the

I have not figured out the stop charge yet.
I got the GPS working by connecting a GPS antenna.

OVMS currently doesn't

OVMS currently doesn't support stopping the charge on the Nissan Leaf, but it's being tested. See the GitHub issue here: https://github.com/openvehicles/Open-Vehicle-Monitoring-System-3/issues/287

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