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ECU mode

I'm having some problems with a v3 module and Twizy. I'm trying to get OVMS to translate the throttle position into a PID 0x11 response to a custom controller.

I have set up the OVMS to start ECU mode and added the throttle. Using "obdii ecu list" I can see the throttle value.

OVMS# obdii ecu list
PID Type Value Metric
0 (0x00) internal 0.000000
4 (0x04) internal 0.000000 v.b.soc
5 (0x05) internal 0.000000 v.m.temp
12 (0x0c) internal 0.000000 v.m.rpm
13 (0x0d) internal 0.000000 v.p.speed
16 (0x10) metric 0.000000 v.b.12v.voltage
17 (0x11) metric 0.000000 v.e.throttle
32 (0x20) internal 0.000000

I connected DA26 pin 6 to CAN-L and pin 16 to CAN-H with a 220 ohm termination resistor. With a scope on the CAN pins, I can see the PID query go out but I don't get a response from the OVMS???

The custom controller uses 11 bit CAN IDs at 500K and works with other vehicles (Ford CMAX). Do I need to setup idlength or baud rate somewhere or does ecu mode default to this?


I send out a broadcast id of 0x7DF, the 8 byte message is:
static uint8_t txData[8] = {0x02, 0x01, 0x11, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00}; // Mode 1 eight byte data packet to transmit.

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Is the command you are using:

Is the command you are using:

obdii ecu start can3

If so, can you show status of the can bus with 'can can3 status'?

The OVMS ECU defaults to 500KB, and the PIN numbers you reference seem correct for CAN3. Termination resistance of 120R is the usual for CAN bus communications. What is the custom controller that you are using? You can run a can trace on the OVMS module (using usb terminal or ssh client) to see what traffic we are seeing, or 'can can3 status' will show you a snapshot with some statistics counters.

Regards, Mark.

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