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Javier Baena
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I have broken it?

Hi guys.
I have a problem with the OVMS.
The 12v battery died and I changed. The OVMS module restarted the setup as if it had the source .bin.
When I finish setup the file goes to .done, everything is correct.
I thought it was normal. install new version 3.1.011 but when reconnecting to the car, start the setup again.
(it happens to me with any version, the 3.1.08 for me is the best but it also fails)
It does not save the setup, it restarts every time I remove power, USB in PC and OBD2 in the car.
Is it broken? Do I have to replace with a new one?

Sorry for my English.

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Most likely the configuration

Most likely the configuration partition has a problem. Best is to factory reset (module factory reset command), which will clear it and it should then be ok.

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