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Debugging issues on Tesla Roadster

Everything was working fine until the Tesla went in to get its PEM fixed and they took everything apart, changed some battery cells etc. It went offline then, and was in a frozen state, with the app showing it at the Tesla dealer even after I got the car back a month or so later.

I finally found time to try and debug what was going on. Power cycling in the car by unplugging/plugging back in didn't work. There's no status LED on the V3 box, and I couldn't figure out which IP address it was connected to WiFi from, to do a web login.

I took it inside, installed the USB to tty driver, then had to reboot my Mac to get it to recognize it. Connected to USB, and found out its IP address, so I could connect to the Web interface. It seems to be configured as expected, so I've upgraded the firmware and I'm going to put it back in the car.

At this point, the mobile app finally updated to show the new data.

So I'm not sure what went wrong, but this is a clunky way to debug it. One change that would be very helpful is to have a way to find out what IP address the web interface is on, and log that in the mobile app as part of the config screen, so it's possible to work out when it's online. Then by making that clickable, open a browser on the mobile phone.

When I returned the OVMS module to the car, it started to work again. I've turned on logging so I should have some evidence if it happens again.

Is there a better way to figure out what IP address the web interface will be on that I'm missing?

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The shell command 'network'

The shell command 'network' will show the current network interfaces and addresses. There is also 'wifi status'.

Those comamnds can be issued from the messages tab in the Android App. For iOS, Messages tab is only available in beta version (https://testflight.apple.com/join/05tfPlqR), but not in App store version yet.

Note that the module also announces it's IP address using MDNS. You can find it on the local network as <VEHICLEID>.local.

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