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New Message tab in iOS app

Is there any guide to the commands you can use? I tried the ones I was familiar with over SMS to Module V2 ( because it is not responding to text messages or ecotalk and GlobalSim are not talking). Anyway nothin like STAT? or DIAG did anything.
Is it only available with module v3?
I love the 12v battery readout. That’s what I wanted the sms messages for! I bought a cigarette lighter socket voltmeter to monitor my 7 year old battery but the car isolates them when it is not powered on ( when it is charging the 12v from the dc:dc converter ). The new readout could not have come at a better time for me!


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The Messages tab is primarily

The Messages tab is primarily for OVMS v3. For that module, it should be able to handle pretty much all console commands. Send a '?' for online help.

For v2, there is some support. It wraps the SMS commands. So, STAT should work. But, you will need the latest firmware in the vehicle module.

Regarding the 12v battery figure shown, take care. The 12v side of Tesla Roadster is kind of complex, with DC-DC convertor, and little 12v battery. We are showing the voltage powering the OVMS module, which may not be the same as the little 12v battery voltage.

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